M.A., 6 years old

Learning Vision @ Temasek Club

Enrolled in June 2019

“Before attending Learning Vision, my son was struggling to go to school in the morning and did not look happy. His childcare was just below our block. When New Life Stories approached us to introduce the Knowledge Access Programme, we took the opportunity to change his school. The programme provides centre placement, free school bus and funding to give him the quality preschool education we couldn’t afford. Now he is much happier and look forward to go to school every day.”

 R, Guardian


A.L., 4 years old

Brighton Montessori @ GRC

Enrolled in Jan 2020

“A was not in school and taken care by his grandparents when I was incarcerated for a few years. New Life Stories had given me the “too good to be true” offer to be enrolled in Brighton Montessori. It is very convenient for my mother to pick up/drop off my son as I need to go to work after I was released from the prison. I am truly grateful for the help given by Knowledge Access, and with the funding, I only pay a very minimum for the monthly school fees.”

S, Mother


Z.S., 4 years old

Bright Path

Enrolled in June 2019

“Z had a traumatised experience in his previous school. I withdrew him in February 2019 and he wasn’t in school for few months. I was referred to Knowledge Access through a relative who works in Busy Bees. Bright Path has given my child the much needed help and support to start school again. Now he has grown to be a confident boy. He is diagnosed with Speech Delay and is receiving Early Intervention. I was also retrenched and couldn’t afford to put him in a special school. We were very fortunate that Bright Path is under Busy Bees and with its funding and free school bus, my child benefits from the programme in Bright Path with very minimum school fees.”

H, Dad

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Giving every child the best start in life that’s the Busy Bees ethos which aligns with her launch of the CSR initiative, Knowledge Access. Knowledge Access believes every child deserves an equal opportunity regardless of socioeconomic background or learning ability, and can be successful in their own right. Its strategy embodies Busy Bees’ philosophy of […]