Signing of MOU with MENDAKI

MENDAKI and Busy Bees Asia inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on 30 November 2018. Knowledge Access, part of Busy Bees CSR subsidiary, signed this MOU to provide financial subsidies and childcare enrolment for our beneficiaries.

As part of M3’s (A collaboration between Mendaki, MUIS and Mesra) efforts to improve the last mile delivery on the ground, this collaboration will help in uplifting our Malay/Muslim community.

This is a milestone for Knowledge Access to be the champion of change in bridging the social inequality gap in our community. We hope more families will benefit from the Knowledge Access programme.

Thank you MENDAKI Singapore for this like-minded collaboration!

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How We Can Help

Preschool Tuition Fund Financial assistance to build a child’s foundation through meaningful education at our partner preschools. 幼儿园学费基金 为孩子在我们的伙伴 幼儿园里接受的优质早教,提供财政援助。 DANA TUISYEN PRASEKOLAH Bantuan kewangan untuk membina asas kanak-kanak menerusi pendidikan yang bermakna di prasekolah-prasekolah rakan kongsi kami. Employment and Upskilling fund Empowering families throughAsian International College’s Train & Place scheme, career counselling and job […]

Knowledge Access volunteers for KMM@CC organised by MENDAKI as trainer/facilitator

KelasMateMatika@Community Centre or KMM@CC is a community programme …