Giving every child the best start in life

that’s the Busy Bees ethos which aligns with her launch of the CSR initiative, Knowledge Access.

Knowledge Access believes every child deserves an equal opportunity regardless of socioeconomic background or learning ability, and can be successful in their own right. Its strategy embodies Busy Bees’ philosophy of putting the child first in everything we do, actively reaching out and bringing change to children below six, one child at a time.

Knowledge Access supports vulnerable children especially from less-privileged families or with special needs through attending high-quality nurseries ­— including an all-inclusive preschool with integrated therapies. We believe that with the right resources, training and expertise, families’ lives can be transformed.

What we stand for

Mission Establish an ecosystem to support children in need with access to the knowledge and opportunities they deserve, empowering them to be successful in their own right

Vision To give every child the best start in life

What we do

Impacting a Child’s Life

Every child in preschool, one at a time

Access to an award-winning curriculum integrated with ICT

Safe, hygienic and conducive environment

Advocating healthy lifestyles and a nutritionally-balanced diet

Equipping and Empowering Families

  • Asian International College (AIC)
  • Train & Place scheme
  • Parent education and partnership
  • Career counselling, mentoring and placement

Connecting with Communities

  • Sharing of best practices
  • Building a caring and inclusive society

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How We Can Help

Preschool Tuition Fund Financial assistance to build a child’s foundation through meaningful education at our partner preschools. 幼儿园学费基金 为孩子在我们的伙伴 幼儿园里接受的优质早教,提供财政援助。 DANA TUISYEN PRASEKOLAH Bantuan kewangan untuk membina asas kanak-kanak menerusi pendidikan yang bermakna di prasekolah-prasekolah rakan kongsi kami. Employment and Upskilling fund Empowering families throughAsian International College’s Train & Place scheme, career counselling and job […]