Knowledge Access volunteers for KMM@CC organised by MENDAKI as trainer/facilitator

KelasMateMatika@Community Centre (KMM@CC) or Tiga M is a community programme announced. in early September. It has 2 modules. Module A is by MENDAKI for 6 consecutive weeks followed by Module B by People Association for 4 consecutive weeks.

Knowledge Access works together with Mendaki to provide Trainers and Facilitators. Typically, the Trainers will hold discussions and share basic numeracy concepts to train parents’ on the understanding of children’s math skills. They also demonstrate hands-on activities based on the different math concepts shared each week. While parents have the training, facilitators will manage the children group. Facilitators will engage children with activities that explore early numeracy concepts. The activities conducted are fun, meaningful and develop the essential knowledge they need.

All our Trainers and Facilitators have to go through 20 hours of training, which comprises of Tiga M content sharing, mediated learning techniques programmes, and a minimum of three job shadowing sessions with other experienced Trainers and Facilitators.

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Preschool Tuition Fund Financial assistance to build a child’s foundation through meaningful education at our partner preschools. 幼儿园学费基金 为孩子在我们的伙伴 幼儿园里接受的优质早教,提供财政援助。 DANA TUISYEN PRASEKOLAH Bantuan kewangan untuk membina asas kanak-kanak menerusi pendidikan yang bermakna di prasekolah-prasekolah rakan kongsi kami. Employment and Upskilling fund Empowering families throughAsian International College’s Train & Place scheme, career counselling and job […]